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area, tucker barnes in the weather center with the latest. hi talker. >> we will need it, -- tucker. >> we will need it, it continues to build today this afternoon highs in the 90s let's get to the satellite radar show you cloud cover across the area, mostly cloudy skies, humidity, and pretty good thunderstorms rumbling out to our west, out in west virginia, western portions of maryland and virginia, that is a good range here in washington just the cloud cover i think this system passes to our south we will at least see breaks of sunshine during the course of the day and allow things to very quickly warm up to 90s. 82 regan national, baltimore 83, ocean town, 81, another hot, blisserring afternoon, sunny, hot, humid today the possibility of scattered thunderstorms temporarily cool us down.
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more details on that coming up. >> thank you. now to the developing phone hacking scandal rocking britain news corp. chairman rupert murdoch and former newspaper editor rebecca brooks preparing to give testimony to a particle meantry panel in the next half hour british lawmakers are expected to grill them on allegations reporters hacked into phone messages. >> rupert murdoch might be late his car was surrounded by a mob outside earlier and he had to turn back a top london police chief has been answering questions over an hour we are joined by wisdom martin with the latest on what is happening in england. >> well, this keeps growing, all eyes on particle meantry enchoir for the much antis -- enquiry for the much anticipated executives we are waiting for murdoch's son jamess in charge of news corp.'s european operations and
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mr. murdoch himself. rebecca brooks who resigned as editor of news international newspaper is scheduled to testify next hour. a second resignation from scotland yard, followed one from sunday. they said staying on would be a distraction. during the last hour the commissioner admitted to making mistakes. >> the material is repugnant, with hind site we would have -- yes, i did. thirdly, do i accept the reasons why, i think that is for mr. clark to justify and i think it is a matter for the judicial review. >> today's testimony comes after the reporter who blew the whistle on the hacking was found dead yesterday but his
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death is not suspicious. he worked at the newspaper under andy carlson who later served as the prime minister's communications chief and arrested in the scandal we should know news corp. is the parent company of fox 5. back to you. >> wow. >> yeah, so a lot going on we will keep an eye on this and let you know when the next thing comes out but a lot going on keeps breaking. >> seems like every hour. >> yes. >> thanks wisdom. now again rupert murdoch and his son's questioning about the phone hacking scandal is set to start in a half hour if it does happen in a timely fashion we will bring you live coverage here on the air we will certainly bring it to you any time on sarah. >> new this morning dc mayor grey's campaign apparently accepted cash contributions above the city's legal limit according to a washington post review of dc records the city's limit for cash donations $25 the post found several instances where grey campaign
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donations exceeded that amount that cash was then exchanged for money orders which carry a higher donation limit this comes as u.s. attorney's office is investigating claims made by sulamon brown, he was promised a job to speak out about the then mayor. >> in the debate over raising the debt ceiling and all kinds of other things president obama is threatening to veto a republican plan that includes a balanced budget amendment. house speaker boehner calls that dispointing on the other side of the capitol momentum building around a senate back up plan. hairy reed says -- harry reed says the senate wants to work until there is a deal. mitch mcconnell wants to let the president raise the debt ceiling on his only. >> republicans are trying to persuade the president of a need for a course correction but weeks of negotiations are showing his commitment to big government is too great to lead
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to the kind of long term reforms we need. >> we will stay in session every day including saturdays and sunday's until congress passes legislation. >> with the president threatening to veto the house bill bipartisan plan from the senate may be the more likely option for solving the debt problem. >> meanwhile common wealth of virginia dealing with a budget surplus documents obtained by associated press show virginia's government ended the fiscal year with an unspent balance of $311 million. governor mcdonald plans to detail how that happened later today. it came from higher than expected income tax collection. now our big story a rash of robberies and assaults at the metropolitan branch trail, thugs are targeting people for money and electronics, sherry ly is live with the latest on the attack. sherry good morning. >> reporter: good morning
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sarah. the guardian angels just left here a short time ago they spent 3 hours out here this morning, patrolling the metropolitan branch trail stopping people, warning them about the recent crimes it was just yesterday that a man on a bike here at 8th and edge wood was robbed at gun point. about a half dozen volunteers hit the trail this morning there have been a rash of crimes in the area, including three robberies in less than ten days yesterday a man on a bike noticed a young man standing on the trail as he passed the suspect pulled out a gun taking the victim's wallet and two cell phones the same thing happened friday and july 9th two suspects attacked a man and woman on bikes that is on top of five incidents reported between may and june and now the crimes appear to be getting more violent. >> just dispushes me a lot if some -- dispushes me a lot if some -- disturbs me a lot if
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someone is robbing at gun point it is not long before someone is shot. we need plain clothes officers on bikes and guardian angels patrolling and citizens patrolling. >> police did make an arrest in the earlier incidents back in june and the crimes stopped temporarily but they spiked again this month guardian angels have been patrolling in the mornings and in the evenings, two days a week and they will also begin some random patrols during the mornings as well. they are really focused on this area right here between 8th and edge wood, all the way down to union station. it is about a 2-mile stretch, and that is where they have seen the majority of crimes. back the you. >> all right thank you. dc police are investigating a deadly shooting this happened just after 3:00 a.m. this morning in the 8900 block
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-- 900 block randolph street northwest police found a man shot and unconscious when they arrived at the scene he has since died this is being investigated as a homicide no word on motive or suspect. >> the gunman who opened fire on a busy dc street yesterday is still on the run chaos broke out martin luther king junior avenue just before noon witnesses say two men were horsing around in front of a pizza place for some reason one of them left came back with a gun and shot the victim several times. that man is expected to survive. a jury in prince georges county convicted a suspected serial killer on charges unrelated to murder. jason scott was found guilty of more than 50 robberies, 9 armed home invasionproduction of child pornography and accused of murdering delores and her daughter ebb any in 2009 that -- ebony in 2009 that trial
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will begin in november. spider filed a defamation suit against the -- schneider filed a deaf nation suit against the paper about a story about him, civil liberties is filing a brief in accordance with the new dc law, schneider must prove the paper filed false information against him. the article was clearly within free speech protection they say. upcoming nfl season could be back on track in a matter of days there is word a new collective bargaining deal could be in place this week the world champion packers have even gone as far as to tell players their facility will be open friday and be ready to show up at a team meeting saturday a deal is expected to cover the next 10 seasons. hopefully. >> yes. >> dangerous heat wave gripping much of the country, 20% of the nation is experiencing severe
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heat a look at what is ahead and what is causing this heat next. >> caught on camera, a black bear in action in a local neighbourhood where this furry guy showed up next. we are back in a moment what is th oh, we call it the bundler. let's say you need home and auto insurance. you give us your information once, online... [ whirring and beeping ] [ ding! ] and we give you a discount on both. sort of like two in one. how did you guys think of that? it just came to us. what? bundling and saving made easy. now, that's progressive.
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well, an oppressive and potentially deadly summer time mix of temperatures is making a swath of the united states. >> tucker barnes joins us again sorry the heat is getting to me. hey, tucker. >> summer time an early start across mid-sections of the country. already places like oklahoma city have experienced more than 45 days in a row temperatures 90 or above. what is happening out west and here in washington area over the next several days right to the map talk about this heat wave high pressure across central portions of the country
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continue to build here with the jet stream buckling north, that allows all that heat to push north. places that don't usually have a lot of heat, minneapolis, temperatures have been close to 100. jet stream will relax get a west to east flow. that will allow heat to escape to the east temperatures in the 80s will gradually push to the 90s lookout we will talk about the possibility of record busting heat around here toward the end of the week, high temperature going to be 100 and heat index temperature 110 a possibility around here, dangerous heat on the way another look at it heat wave on the move, wichita, oklahoma city, triple digit heat, not talking humidity chicago, 98 degrees, temperatures 15 degrees above where they should be, by thursday, washington high about 100, chattanooga, 98, looks like the worst of the heat in washington friday, actual high could be 102, 103
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degrees, not much relief as this big bubble of heat will be slow to push on out of here. insly has more for you on the heat wave out west. >> everybody has a water jug, everybody has sun screen. >> lugging around a 60-pound instrument in a parking lot, might not sound fun to begin with, but doing it in 80 to 90- degree temperatures takes dedication. >> kids dizzy and need to lay down, take some drinks but never had to call an ambulance. >> in ohio boys trying to make the team have to stay hydrated. >> we have had some scares in the past just got to monitor the boys and the more water we give them the better it will be. >> national weather service issued heat warnings and advisories for 17 states michigan to texas monday, downtown chicago, kids did all
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they could to keep cool heat proved to be too much for this little guy these people sat down for a sticky picnic. >> the heat is miserable the kids are doing better than i am actually. >> in nebraska this amusement park solution to heat loading up swimming pools with massive chunks of ice in a bid to make the water refreshing not balmy the soaring mercury in minneapolis caused baseball fans to remember all those days spent trudging through the snow. >> i will enjoy it because winter lasted 10 months this year. i will take it. >> older people are among the most susceptible to hot weather problems like heat stroke animals could suffer from it as well when it is this hot avoid strenuous activity, avoid drinking alcohol. >> in new york, aynsley ear hart. fox news. >> heat advisory on the way more coming up. >> thank you very much. >> we have a warning from petco
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to conserve energy they -- pepco to conserve energy they said the power supply should be able to meat the demand but they want you to set your thermostat to 78, use an electric fan, turn off nonessential appliances postpone the use of high energy appliances like stoves, washers, dryers, dish washers until the evening or overnight. metro says it is prepared for extreme heat this week they approved overtime for elevator and esculator crews to spread out so they can rush to any problem if it arises maintenance crews are focusing on hot cars and track inspectors are deployed to make sure rails are safe. >> looking out for heat kinks, doing that over the week any time temperature is above 90 degrees. we would consider a hot car a health issue we want to take them out of service we have
9:18 am
strategically deployed car pant nans techs around the cyst -- car maintenance techs around the system. >> 12 of 237 esculators are under repair. trash collection in the district will start an hour earlier, crews will begin 6:00 a.m. instead of 7:00 a.m. remember to put out trash cans and recyclables the night before to make sure they are collected. a black bear shows up in a virginia neighbourhood neighbors are scared it wandered into the backyard of a mccain homeowner, ann mitchell took pictures of it outside her kitchen feet from the bird feeder it was eating from. >> i was thinking how can we have a bear in mcclean in my backyard then i thought there are kids in the neighbourhood i was scared. i was really scared >> at first i was wondering about it but i know black bears are not going to attack they
9:19 am
usually stay clear of people. so as long as i stay clear of him. i think it is all right. >> now actually it is not that unusual to see black bears coming out of the woods this time of year experts warn you not to approach any bear they continue to move on through the area and are typically just looking for food. >> i didn't really know we had that many spottings around here they could be seen around here. >> yeah, not a lot but it happens. >> he looked so cute. >> the thing they say obviously keep your garbage covered up they are looking for food. don't have food out. >> protect yourself. >> coming up images, hard to forget, a fox investigation catches some auto workers behaving badly, we are talking about drunking on breaks, and apparently even doing drugs now the chrysler has reacted what they have done to a list of employees. >> holly has gone farming this morning holly. >> reporter: this is how i like to go farming tony, live at
9:20 am
stoney brook hillsborough we started in the fields then we came up here whipped up wonderful food now we are getting ready to wash it down with some really good drinks, it is all in preview of what is called farm to fork louden, celebrating all things local we will tell you about it live later first, yeah, tony, getting excited here is a look at today's trivia question what is the source of the lyrics of the birds 1965 hit song turn turn turn was it a can opener? bible? do you know tony perkens? >> yes, this is easy. >> the answer is coming up take a guess on our facebook page. back right after the break 
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now a disturbing story out of florida, a 17-year-old accused of beating his parents to death with a hammer, then having a party with their bodies inside the home. police say tyler hadly put the bodys in the master bedroom posted a message on facebook inviting his friends over for a party over 40 kids showed up saturday night then around 4:30 a.m., police knocked on the door after receiving an anonymous tip that hadly killed his parents police found their bodies covered in booktowels along with the alleged murder weapon he was arrested and charged with first degree murder. follow up now to a fox investigation, last week we showed you video from our sister station in detroit auto workers caught on camera, chugging beer, doing drugs heading back to work on an assembly line, chrysler announced nine employees are now suspended without pay and
9:25 am
could be fired after the company's investigation is complete this follows similar incidents caught on camera last fall that incident 13 workers were fired. >> boarderses will liquidate all remaining bookstores a bidding deadline passed without offers the buy the bankrupt bookstore chain 400 stores standing after they filed chapter 11 bankruptcy in february. >> new american commander in charge of nato's coalition in afghanistan, general alan is known for helping to turn fighters against al qaeda in iraq. he says there are tough days ahead. general pay reus handed over command of the -- patreus handed over command of the forces to him yesterday. phone hacking scandal involving news to have world is now blown into a full investigation in the uk now the u.s., today news corp. chairman and ceo rupert murdoch and his son are answering
9:26 am
questions from parliament that was the live feed hopefully we get it back we will bring some of that to you live that is our plan. >> and we have been talking about it all day oppressive heat is gripping the country making its way to the dc area, tucker up next with a hot and steamy forecast stay with us everyone  [ mr. connally ] i was paying too much with cable.
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♪[ music ] i want to take a second welcome back 9:29 a.m. i did something very unusual i want to say congratulations to a local couple that just got married saturday, amy lewis and greg parker, i kind of know greg i run into him -- he works at best buy so i run into him every now and then they sent me a very nice e-mail asking if i would come to their wedding reception i had never met the bride before but they watch the show, they are big fans of the
9:30 am
show, and like i said, i kind of know greg, and i thought and said you know what i will pop in i surprised them and showed up. >> cool story. >> they are very very nice people she is a lovely bride, the wedding was kind of half american half traditional indian, there they are at the reception afterwards and the great story about them is they have been high school -- they were high school sweet hearts, best friends for 10 years and finally decided to get married. >> 10 years >> they wanted to make sure it was right. >> good for them. >> yep. >> i thank them for the invitation it is not the kind of thing i would usually do but the e-mail was very sweet. >> but you and greg are kind of like friends. >> well, now i should get some good bargains at best buy i didn't think about that. >> actually, with what is going on right now, no, i won't be getting any deals look at the big scheme of things, yeah.
9:31 am
but congratulations to both of you and you know because we get all kinds of requests to do all kinds of stuff this was different a one time thing don't everyone write me asking me to come to your wedding. >> greg was -- you sort of had a friendship. >> yeah, it was very sweet. >> you hit the dance floor? >> i did not they asked me to i said i would ruin the whole reception. >> all right. let's -- i will do the forecast and we will talk radar. sentinel radar. >> sentinel. >> our new system. >> brand new. >> on guard. >> okay. >> we have multiple beams going on now. >> yeah, we can do that. >> sounds like a newspaper the sentinel. >> that is not a good sign. >> sentinel out here in
9:32 am
washington, thunderstorms rolling out to the west, those are going to miss us here to the west, a little trough, area of disturbed weather to our north will be fading through the area. not going to last, it will be dry the next week or so. let's push on the next map and as we open it up for you, more shower activity again, not so much here this morning. 84 regan national, 82 gaithersburg burg, frederick 88, 81 leonard town i am not showing you the humidity it will feel more upper 80s low -9d 0s later todayer -- 90s. later today, it will be muddy and comfortable. satellite radar and again out to the west, pushing from north to south and with this area of disturbed weather across the area, we will see if we can fire up a thunder storm, at least we got the possibility of
9:33 am
it storm prediction center giving us a slight risk of severe weather, possibility of gusty winds maybe a hail or some hailstones developing during the course of the afternoon as the system continues to press south. >> forecast today high temperature 94, uncomfortable rain, sunny, hot, humid, winds out of the north and west, 5 to 10. muggy overnight, 78 your overnight low, winds out of the west a few minutes ago we talked about the upcoming heat there it is not so much tomorrow thursday, 100, friday 102, saturday 100. with humidity it will feel like 110. advisories, heat warnings issued i would thing starting tomorrow. >> that is a look at your forecast back to you. all right tucker thanks. we continue to follow the phone hacking scandal involving the british newspaper news of the world run by media empire news corp.
9:34 am
these are live pictures. this is actually the second in charge the police chief john yates. >> yeah, this morning news corp. chairman and ceo rupert murdoch and his son james are scheduled to testify before british parliament they are asking questions who knew what is when this is several high profile policemen from scotland yard originally investigated the case have resigned we are monitoring this, and we will bring you updates as they become available we are expecting rupert murdoch to fest fie things seem -- testify things seem to be running behind and he was held up in traffic as well when his car was mobbed we will continue to monitor it at we will be right back lysol believes your family should never have to touch
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will recall the welcome back -- all right welcome back live pictures at london of course during the commercial break, rupert murdoch owner of news corp. and his son james sat down before parliament to answer questions regarding the whole phone hacking scandal. >> here they are now you can see both of them sitting down taking questions, actually they had requested both rupert and his son james requested to make opening statements before the parliament, parliament denied that, they said they have a lot of questions so let's hear what they are we will listen in now. >> made statements to poland without being in full possession of the facts that was wrong. you admitted they were mislead in what we were told. can you tell us to what extent were we mislead when you became aware of that. >> mr. chairman thank you very much first of all i would like to say first of all just how
9:39 am
sorry i am and how sorry we are to particularly the victims of illegal voice mail interception and their families. the matter of great regret of mine, my fathers, and everyone at news corporation and these are standards -- these actions do not live up to the standards that our company as spires to everywhere around the world it is our determination to both put things right make sure these things don't happen again and be the company that i know we have always aspired to be. adds for my comments mr. chairman and my statement which i believe was around a closure of the news of the world newspaper -- >> before we get to that i would like to say one sentence this is the most humble day of my life. thank you. >> the statement around the closure of the news of the world newspaper where i stated
9:40 am
that we -- the company had not been in full possession of the facts when certain statements were made to this committee was referring to emergence of new facts largely that came about end of 2010 as the due process of a number of civil trials reached their point where document disclosure and evidence disclosure made it apparent to the company and to myself at that time, that indeed there was reason to believe potentially more people had been involved in news of the world illegal voice mail interceptions from before. that was new evidence or new information at the time that post dated the 2009 hearings that is what i was referring to. subsequent to our discovery of that information in one of the civil trials end of 2010 which i believe was the sienna miller case civil trial around illegal
9:41 am
voice mail interception, the company immediately went to look at additional records around the individual involved the company alerted the police, who restarted on that basis the investigation that is now under way, and since then the company has admitted liability to victims of illegal voice mail interception has apologized unreservedly which i repeat today to those victimthe company set up a compensation scheme independently managed by a former high court judge to be able to deal we will jet mate claims coming from -- legitimate claims coming from victims of terrible incidents of voice mail interception those were the actions taken as soon as the new evidence emerged so when i made the statement about not being in full possession of the facts, it was those facts at that point, they were still in the future and it was in the due
9:42 am
process of that civil trial, civil litigation process, that evidence really emerged for us and we acted and the company acted as swiftly and transparently as possible. >> when this committee took evidence in 2009, we heard from the managing editor, legal manager of news international and the news editor, former editor andy cole son and the former chairman of news international all of them told us there had been a thorough investigation no evidence had ever been found anybody else was involved. clearly that is not correct were any of them lying to this committee. >> mr. chairman, the company relied on three things, for a period of time, up until the new evidence emerged the
9:43 am
company relied on a police investigation in 2007, this is before -- i will recount this to try to take us back to this area this is before i was involved i became involved in the news corporation and news international matters end of 2007 in the 2007 period there was a police investigation, successful prosecutions were brought against two individuals and the editor of the news of the world resigned. and the company relied on both the police having closed the investigation and repeated assertions there was no new evidence for them to reopen their investigation, the company relied on the pcc which it had reports and said there was nothing more to this at the time and the company relied on the legal opinion of outside counsel brought in related to those matters who with respect to their review, um, had issued
9:44 am
a clear opinion that there was no additional illegality other than the two individuals involved before. and the company relied on those facts and for the company in 2008 and 2009, it was not clear that there was a reason to believe that those matters were anything other than settled matters and in the past. >> so is it your testimony to this committee the individuals that gave up evidence in 2009, none of them knew at that time what had been going on? >> i do not have direct knowledge of what they knew and what time, but i can tell you that the critical new facts as i saw them and as the company saw them really emerged in the production of documentary information or evidence in the civil trials, at the end of 2010 and the duration from 2008 until -- or 2007 until the end
9:45 am
of 2010 and the length of time it took for that to come clear, and for that real evidence to be there, is a matter of deep frustration mine i have to tell you i know and i sympathize with the frustration of this committee and it is a matter of real regret that the facts could not emerge and could not be gotten to, to my understanding, faster. >> well, you make clear that it is the case that information we were given was incorrect have you established who as well as live goodman was involved in phone hacking in news of the world? >> i am sorry mr. chairman can you repeat that? >> who as well as live goodman was involved in phone hacking in news of the world. >> as i think you made it clear mr. chairman there have been a number of arrests of former news of the world employees, these are matters for current
9:46 am
criminal investigations i think it is understandably difficult for me to comment in particular around some of those individuals. >> have you carried out your own investigation since the discovery of this information to find out the extent of involvement in phone hacking in the news of the world? >> we have established a group in the company co-operating very closely with the police on their investigation, their investigation is broad with respect to journalistic practices in particular journalistic practices at news of the world and policy and direction the company has given them is to co-operate fully and transparently with the police, to provide information and evidence that the company believes and they believe is relevant to those investigations some times proactively some times in response to those requests and again i think the very fact that the provisthe new
9:47 am
information to the police in the first place when there was no police investigation ongoing that then lead to, in part reopening or new investigation being established i hope can be testament to some proactive action, and transparency with respect to getting to the right place in terms of finding out the fact of what happened understanding all of the allegations, that are coming in and moving forward to aid the police in successful completion of the serious work they are doing. >> okay the departure of your company in the recent few days of tom cone, rebecca brooks and hinton is that because they have any knowledge of phone hacking? >> i have no knowledge and there is no evidence that i am
9:48 am
aware of that mrs. brooks or mr. hinton or any of those executives had knowledge of that and their assertions certainly mrs. brooks and assertions to me of her knowledge of those things has been clear none the less, those resignations have been accepted, but it is important you know, on the basis that there is no evidence today, that i have seen or that i have any knowledge of that there was any impropriety by them. >> okay i will turn to tom watson. >> good afternoon sir. you repeatedly stated that news corp. had a -- has a zero tolerance to wrong doing by employees that's right? >> yes. >> in october 2010, did you still believe it to be true when you made your speech and said let me be clear we will
9:49 am
vigorously pursue the truth and not tolerate wrong doing? >> yes. >> so if you were not lying then some body lied to you who was it? >> i don't know that is what the police are investigating and we are helping them with. >> you acknowledge you were mislead. >> clearly. >> can i take you back to 2003, are you aware that in march of that year, rebecca brooks gave evidence to this committee admitting paying police? >> i am now aware of that i was not aware at the time i am also aware that she amended that considerably very quickly afterwards. >> i think she amended it 7 or 8 years afterwards but -- >> well, sorry. >> but did you or anyone else at your organization investigate this at the time? >> no. >> can you explain why? >> i didn't know of it i am
9:50 am
sorry i need to say something and this is not an excuse, maybe it is an explanation of my lapsety news of the world is less than 1% of our company i employ 53,000 people around the world who are proud and great and ethical and distinguished people -- professionals and perhaps -- i am watching and appointing people whom i trust to run those divisions. >> mr. murdoch i do accept you have many distinguished people who run your company you were also responsible for the corporate government's news corp. so i am trying to establish who knew about wrong doing if i can take you forward to 2006, when live goodman was arrested and
9:51 am
subsequently convicted of intercrepting voice mails were you made aware of that? >> i think i was made aware of when they were convicted. >> what did news international do subsequent to the arrest to get to the facts? >> we worked with the police, upon further investigation and eventually we appointed very quickly appointed a very leading team of lawyers in the city to investigate if you recall ther. >> -- further. i will come to you in a minute i just -- let me finish my line of questioning i will come to you. what did you personally do to investigate that after mr. goodman went to prison you were obviously concerned about it? >> i spoke to hinton who told me about it.
9:52 am
>> okay. >> can i ask you 2008, why did you not dismiss news of the world chief reporter neville full jack ban following the measly case >> i never heard of it. >> okay despite a judge making clear he [ [inaudible] ] >> i didn't hear that. >> a judge made it clear he set out to blackmail two of the women in the case >> that is the first i heard of that. >> none of your uk staff drew your attention to the serious wrong doing even though it made media attention >> i think my son can answer that better -- >> i will come to your son in a minute. >> despite he got a 14 year sentence no one in your uk company brought this fact to your attention. >> the blackmail charge no. >> do you thing that might be
9:53 am
because they knew you would think nothing of it? >> no. i can't answer -- i don't know. >> do you agree with mr. justice eady when he said the lack of action discloses a remarkable state of affairs at news international? >> no. >> mr. murdoch, a judge found chief reporter guilty of blackmail, it was widely reported, he said it was a remarkable -- >> why didn't he put him in jail? >> because it was a civil case. were you aware news international commission did an investigation of e-mails by hard bottle -- >> was i? >> aware news international commissioned an investigation into news international e-mails by hard bottle and lewis.
9:54 am
>> yes, i didn't appoint them but was told of it happening. >> you claimed in the wall street journal they made a later mistake can i ask what mistake you were referring to? >> i need the question again -- there was certainly -- well, we examined it, re-examined that, we had done things which we immediately went to council with, to get advice how to prest. it to the police. >> -- present it to the police. >> in their written response to this committee's questions are you aware news international stated john chapman and daniel cloak reviewed these e-mails before forwarding them to hard bottle and lewis? >> no. >> so no body in the company told you two of your executives
9:55 am
had reviewed the e-mails -- >> i was under the understanding everything was sent to them. >> you are aware lord mcdonald qc reviewed the e-mail again on behalf of news international are you not? >> yes. >> you are aware that he stated he found evidence -- >> and he reported them to the whole board. >> he did and you are aware he stated to the board that he found evidence of indirect hacking breaches of national security and evidence of serious crime in the hard bottle and lewis file. >> oh, he did indeed. >> mr. watson please i can address these in some detail if you can allow me. >> i will come to you mr. murdoch but it is your father who is responsible for a couple documents -- comments i would like to ask him. i will come to you. >> who was aware of the
9:56 am
findings at hard bottle international? >> the senior officials of news corp. certainly their top legal officer. >> so tom krohn. >> no. >> were you informed -- >> they were not top legal officers. >> who were top legal officers. >> you -- >> john chapman was the top legal officer and mr. krohn was the head of legal affairs at news group newspapers. >> and were you informed by the finding by your son mr. murdoch or rebecca brooks? >> i forgot i expect it was my son. i was in daily contact with him about it. >> okay when you were informed about the payments made to
9:57 am
gordon taylor and max clifford? >> nope ... >> all right obviously we just lost the feed there, you are watching what is fascinating testimony going on at the british parliament, by rupert murdoch and his son james about the many details involving the phone hacking scandal over the years involving the news of the world newspaper >> i believe we have those live pictures back up let's go ahead and take a listen in again. >> the settlement with mr. taylor and i am happy to address the matter of mr. taylor in some detail if you would like. >> just let me -- >> my father became aware after the settlement was made in 2009 i believe, after the confidential settlement had become public and the newspaper reported on the out of court settlement afterwards but please understand the
9:58 am
settlement of an out of court settlement of a civil claim of that nature and that quantum is something normally in a company our size responsible executives in the territory of the country, would be authorized to make and that is the way the company is functioned and below the approval threshold if you will that would have to go to my father as chairman and chief executive of a local company. >> there are other questions i could ask but other colleagues who asked other questions to you about this issue. i will lead back to your father if i can. >> mr. murdoch, at what point did you find out the criminality was endemic at news of the world. >> endemic is a very wide raineninging word and i also had to be extremely careful, not to prejudice the course of
9:59 am
justice taking place now. that has been disclosed, i became aware and then i was absolutely shocked, appalled and ashamed when i heard about the milly davic case only two weeks ago. >> all right you have been watching testimony before parliament of course rupert murdoch the ceo of news corp. there and his son james both testifying before parliament, you may have heard earlier on, hearing rupert murdoch interyou wanting his son at the very beginning to tell parliament this is the most humble day of my life we will continue to follow this testimony throughout the day you can continue to follow it on fox news channel and we will stream it live on >> all

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